Calligraphy Workshop

by Calligrapher RIHAKU

Drawing Summery Zen words with Calligraphy




Saturday, May 27, 3 pm - 4:30 pm


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at Setsugekka East Village

Please join us to enjoy calligraphy!  We look forward to seeing you.

It is customary for Zen calligraphy to be hung in the alcove during the Japanese tea ceremony. For this special occasion, we welcome calligrapher Rihaku from Japan.


Rihaku has chosen the summer related Zen phrase, 青山緑水 (Sei-Zan-Ryoku-Sui,) which means “Brightness of blue mountains, green trees and water, make us happy and give us a strong energy in the nature of the early summer." You can also chose the popular tea ceremony related Zen phrase, 日々是好日 (Nichi-nichi-kore-kojitsu,) which means "Every day is a good day" as well. 

Rihaku will show you how the characters are written using a special brush. Then, participants will write the same phrase with brush and ink, and take home their own finished artwork.


Based in Japan, Rihaku (Rie) Inoue is an esteemed calligrapher who has held numerous solo exhibitions, workshops, lectures and live performances both in Japan and abroad chiefly in NY with great acclaim.


In addition to running her own organization since 1999, Rihaku is a consultant for the Japan Calligraphy Museum and a calligraphy professor of the Japan Education Calligraphy Federation.


She teaches over 300 students of calligraphy, and many of her students have become accomplished calligraphers in their own right.


She has provided calligraphic designs to sake manufacturer Hakushika Sake, and designed the wall of Kasaoka Bay Farm, Okayama Prefecture.

She has also appeared on TV programs and a radio program in Japan.


In 2012 she was featured in her first group exhibition in NYC, and was awarded first prize in the show.

She held her first solo exhibition in NYC in 2014, and afterwards held 10 solo exhibitions, numerous workshops and calligraphy performances in NYC, San Francisco and Washington D.C. (at JICC in the Embassy of Japan) between 2014 and now. In 2017, she held a solo exhibition at Setsugekka NYC.


In August 2021, and 2022, she held a solo exhibition and workshops at Todaiji National Temple Nigatsudo which is one of Japan’s most famous Buddhist temples and a World Heritage site listed among “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.”


Rihaku’s Promotional video (YouTube) at Todaiji National Temple Nigatudou





Artist's Profile

Rihaku Inoue


Japanese Calligrapher    

Born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Education: Konan Women’s University, in Kobe, Japan.



Drawing Summery Zen words with Calligraphy - 青山緑水 -

Rihaku will show how to write characters using a special brush. Then, you will write zen words 青山緑水 with a brush and ink. You can also chose the popular tea ceremony related Zen phrase, 日々是好日 (Nichi-nichi-kore-kojitsu,) which means "Every day is a good day" as well.

Take home your own finished art work.


●Date & Time
   Saturday, May 27, 3 pm - 4:30 pm





●Maximum number of guest

   5 people


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