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Rings of Age

”Rings of Age” is a baked cake made from rice named “Oidemai おいでまい”, instead of using wheat. The “Oidemai" is ranked as a super A, the best grade in the rice rankings in Japan. This cake is carefully baked layer by layer for about an hour with a high temperature of 570 ℉. The texture is perfectly crisp outside and chewy inside which takes this baked cake to the whole new level.

Eggs, rice and sugar used are all finest ingredients made in Shikoku Island, Japan. The grass-fed butter is freshly made in Hokkaido, Japan. The cake is topped with Wasanbon, a fine-grained Japanese sugar traditionally made in Shikoku Island.

It has taken us long time to create the special recipe as rice flour is often challenging to bring the best results. The fabulous rich flavor awaits you. Enjoy!

 *This lot is best before 3/22/2020.


Origin: Kagawa, Japan

Net Weight: 230g / 8.11oz

Rings of Age


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