Ceramic Exhibition by Tomomi Kamoshita

Judy Weddle Ceramic Exhibition

"The Touch of Black & White"

June 7 - July 7, 2024

Extended to September 1

Opening Reception on Friday, June 7, 6 pm - 8 pm

No reservation required. Please join us! 

Pottery Talk by Judy Weddle

Friday, June 28, 6 - 7 pm

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Tea Ceremony by Souheki Mori

森 宗碧 茶会

Sunday, June 9, 11am / Sunday, June 23, 11 am

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at Setsugekka East Village

We cordially invite you to join us for a ceramic exhibition "The Touch of Black and White" by Judy Weddle, where black and white come alive in elegant forms, each piece a masterpiece of light and shadow. As you explore Judy's creations, immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of a Japanese tea ceremony led by Souheki Mori, a Japanese tea ceremony master.


Judy Weddle is ceramic artist based in New York City where she works at Greenwich House Pottery in the West Village. She grew up in Western Colorado in a part of the country where a confluence of the Rocky Mountains, fertile Colorado River valley and sunbaked desert landscape have inspired artists for centuries. As the daughter of a horticulturist, Judy had her hands in soil from a young age, but it took many years for that influence to find expression in clay. She had first contact with pottery as an art form as a teenager through her brother who studied with some of the West’s early experimenters in “American Raku.” Judy followed a more practical path, studying political science and philosophy, plus a little art, at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and receiving an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She enjoyed a successful career in investment banking and executive search before becoming a potter.


Judy’s work in ceramics grew out of a life-long love of tea and a fascination with the unique history shared between tea and clay. It was to gain a deeper understanding of her own extensive tea ware collection that brought Judy to Greenwich House in 2017. What she thought would be one class quickly turned into a life passion. In 2018, she attended a workshop with Ken Matsuzaki, one of Japan’s most celebrated ceramic artists, and immediately felt the pull of the Japanese aesthetic that has inspired her work ever since. Judy traveled to Japan in 2019 with Jeff Shapiro where she was able to interact with some of the country’s most iconic master potters, among them Suzuki Goro, Shiro Tsujimura, Tomoo Hamada, LTN Jun Isezaki, Koichiro Isezaki, and Ryuichi Kakurezaki. Judy also studies Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony, under the guidance of Souheki Mori of the Dai Nihon Chado Gakki (Japan Tea Ceremony Association), in order to imbue her own creations with a personal experience of the culture and special practices that embrace them.


Judy describes herself as a Teapotter, referring to the growing number of ceramic artists outside the traditional tea producing countries dedicated to making artisanal tea wares. The focus of her work is on creating specialized pottery for brewing and enjoying tea, with an emphasis on the unique equipage used in both Chinese and Japanese tea rituals. Judy believes there is a magical affinity between tea and the vessels involved in its preparation and in carrying it to the senses. She strives in her pottery to capture that affinity and thereby elevate the overall tea experience.


Experience the magic of "The Touch of Black and White"—an unforgettable fusion of artistry and culture that promises to enchant all who attend.


* In conjunction with her ceramic exhibition, we will hold a photography exhibition "Whispers of a Breeze" by Omar Aly.

Judy Weddle陶芸個展






Artist's Profile

Judy K. Weddle

Ceramic Artist, Teapotter



Formal Education

Earlham College – Richmond, Indiana BA, Political Science

Wharton Graduate School of Business, University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA MBA, Finance




Tea Education

International Tea Masters Association

Tea Masters Certification, 2014-2017

Final Thesis - “The Power of the Pot: Seeking Affinity Between Teapot and Tea”


Camellia Sinensis – Montreal, CA Summer Tea School, August 2018


Dai Nihon Chado Gakkai (Japan Association of the Tea Ceremony)

Student of the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) under Tea Master Souheki Mori, 2018 to Present


Ceramics Training

Greenwich House Pottery, NY, NY – September 2017 to Present

Teachers have included Julie Terestman, Kathy Erteman, Adam Welch, Suzy Goodelman, Julie Knight, Anjuli Wright and Kristen Wicklund


Workshops Attended

Bandana Pottery (Naomi Dalglish & Michael Hunt) at Greenwich House Pottery, NY, NY – December 2017

Ken Matsuzaki at Alison Palmer Studio, South Kent, CT – June 2018

Samuel Johnson at Greenwich House Pottery, NY, NY – July 2018

Tomoo Hamada & Simon Leach at Alison Palmer Studio, South Kent, CT – Jun 2019 Akira Satake at Alison Palmer Studio, South Kent, CT – September 2019

Chris Staley at Greenwich House Pottery, NY, NY – September 2019

Ken Matsuzaki & Akira Satake, Online Workshop – July 2020

Jack Troy at Alison Palmer Studio, South Kent, CT – July 2021

Hilary Kane at Alison Palmer Studio, South Kent, CT – September 2022

Jeff Shapiro Teabowl Workshop, Community Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA – February 2023

Steven Hill’s Journey Workshop, Alison Palmer Studio -- May 2023-June 2024

Modern Kintsugi Workshop with Yuko Gunji at Kinka, New York, NY – August 2023

Kintsugi Workshop with Tomomi Kamashita at Setsugekka, New York, NY – November 2023

Jeff Shapiro Workshop, Jeff Shapiro Studio, Accord, NY -- September 2023

Anna Metta Hjortshoj at Alison Palmer Studio, South Kent, CT – October 2023

Ken Matsuzaki at Alison Palmer Studio, South Kent, CT – May 2024



Solo Exhibitions

June & July, 2022

"The Many Faces of Each Small Thing: Vessels for the Japanese Tea Ceremony" at Setsugekka East Village


Group Shows

Greenwich House Pottery Artists Exhibition – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023


Steep, A National Teapot Exhibition (two pieces selected) at the Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton, NJ – May 2022


KC Clay Guild Teabowl National 2023 (one piece selected), Danny Meisinger, Juror, Kansas City, MO – October 2023

Souheki Mori

森 宗碧

Souheki Mori was born and raised in Japan. She has studied the Japanese tea ceremony for over twenty five years under the Japan Association of the Tea Ceremony and received a certification as Japanese Tea Ceremony Master in 2003. Mori holds the title of Jufuku- an.


In 2011, she has established Tea-Whisk in New York City to introduce the beauty of the Japanese Tea Ceremony with Junya Mori. In 2012, she became a Contemporary Chanoyu Award Winner as a distinguished tea master.


Mori has hosted and conducted the Japanese Tea Ceremony in numerous places, such as American Museum of Natural History, Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall for Japan Week 2012 and 2015, and Japan Society. She has given a lecture on the Japanese Tea Ceremony at New York University, The New School, Fashion Institute of Technology, Queens College, and Birch Wathen Lenox school and many others around Tri State. She has also joined the tea ceremony internationally, including World Tea Gathering in Mexico, 2013 and Iceland in 2014, and the London Tea Club in U.K. in 2014.


In April 2017, Mori opened a matcha teahouse named Setsugekka in East Village, New York. Setsugekka offers not only just a cup of matcha beverage but also a meditative moment for busy mind that only a tea master who has over 25 years training can offer. Mori’s grounded and calm presence is almost a balm to visitors who enter a beautiful space. She also teaches Japanese tea ceremony three times a week and there are more than fifty students.


Mori values her relationships with talented artists, collaborated with them, and held tea events and exhibits blending their creative worlds with her own unique approach to the tea ceremony. She believes that within the tea ceremony is a force invisible and precious, and that one can achieve spiritual growth through practicing tea.


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Judy Weddle Pottery Talk


Fri. June 28, 6 pm - 7 pm

Admission: $15 per person


Join us for an enriching experience as we delve into the fascinating ceramic journey of Judy Weddle, a distinguished artist based in New York. Judy will graciously share captivating insights into the stories behind her remarkable works, inviting you to immerse yourself in her artistic narrative.


As you engage with Judy's tales, we invite you to savor the soothing flavors of Matcha tea, adding an extra layer of delight to our conversation. This unique blend of visual storytelling and tea enjoyment promises to create a warm and memorable atmosphere for all attendees. We look forward to your presence and the enriching exchange of ideas.

Souheki Mori Tea Ceremony


Sun. June 9, 11 am - 12 pm

Sun. June 23, 11 am - 12 pm

Admission: $50 per person


Japanese tea ceremony master Souheki Mori will guide guests through an authentic Japanese tea ceremony. As you immerse yourself in this time-honored tradition, you'll have the opportunity to savor the latest ceramics by Judy Weddle. To enhance your experience, traditional Matcha tea and delicate dry sweets will be served, adding an exquisite touch to this cultural celebration.