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Matcha by a tea bowl ($8.25 - $19.75)

Authentic Usucha Style

*Any tea bowl in Setsugekka is available

Sorry, Currently Not Available

Matcha with a tea bowl

Hot Matcha ($5.25 - $15.25)

Premium Shot, Medium Thickness, and Light Thickness

* All above have the same amount of matcha

Matcha Easy & Smooth

Hot Matcha Latte ($6.25 - $16.5)

with hot oat milk

Hot Matcha Latte

Hot Matcha-ppuchino ($6.5 - $17)

with hot oat milk and milk foam

Hot Matcha-ppuccino

Iced Matcha ($6 - $16.25)

with ice cubes

Iced Matcha

Iced Matcha Latte ($6.75 - $17.25)

with cold oat milk and ice cubes

Iced Matcha-ppuccino ($7 - $17.75)

with cold oat milk, milk foam, and ice cubes

Matcha (Koicha) Affogato ($8.5 - $22)

Milk gelato with Koicha (thick tea)  with a touch of Shochu

Matcha Affogato

Matcha Tasting ($15 - $27)

Three kinds of matcha

Sorry, Currently Not Available

Matcha Tasting

Koicha ($20 - $25)

A bowl of very thick tea

Sorry, Currently Not Available

Higashi - Dry Sweet ($1)

made from Wasanbon, traditional Japanese sugar made in Kagawa

Higashi - Dry Sweet