Meditation and Tea

by Javier García Sánchez & Haddon Stone




Thursday, July 25, 6 pm - 7 pm


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at Setsugekka East Village

What if you could turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? Discover the connection between meditation and the tea ceremony on this special evening of mindfulness and matcha.


You’ll be guided through a meditation practice, allowing you to embrace and explore the present moment. By tuning in to your senses, you will awaken to the beauty and magic that lies within the seemingly mundane.


After the meditation, enjoy a cup of matcha with a renewed sense of mindful awareness, and join us for a short conversation and discussion.


Limited seats. Decaffeinated option available. 

Artist's Profile

Javier García Sánchez

Javier is an artist and educator bridging ancient wisdom with the contemporary world.


Meditation has been fundamental in how he experiences and responds to the world around him, giving him the tools to feel more grounded, present, and less stressed. He shares these practices so that others can tap into the infinite potential of their minds, and continues to deepen his own practice with studies and retreats. Students appreciate his gentle directness, poetic imagery, and the infusion of art into his meditations.


He has over a decade of meditation experience, and has completed trainings in meditation, yoga, breath-work, and Eastern Philosophy in the Gelugpa lineage of Mahayana Buddhism. He’s also a student of aikidō and the Japanese tea ceremony.

Haddon Stone

Haddon Stone is a NYC-based artist and contemporary fashion designer, studying the art and practice of the Japanese tea ceremony. Making and serving tea in the tea room.


Meditation and Tea

by Javier & Haddon

Javier will teach you how to meditate. Then, you will enjoy a bow of matcha by Haddon.

Decaffeinated option available. 

●Date & Time
    Thursday, July 25, 6 pm - 7 pm





●Maximum number of guest

   5 people


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