Sawami Aoki's

Photography & Ceramic Exhibition

青木沢美 写真と陶芸個展

February 23, 2018 - March 4, 2018

On View during regular hours

Souheki Mori's

Cat Tea Ceremony

森 宗碧 猫茶会

Sunday, February 25, 11 am - 12 pm

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Opening Reception

Friday, February 23, 6 pm - 8 pm

at Setsugekka East Village

We are pleased to announce that Sawami Aoki will be holding photography and ceramic exhibition on the theme of cats, and Souheki Mori will be holding cat tea ceremony in conjunction with Sawami's exhibition. For the past 30 years, Sawami has photographed cats in New York. This photography exhibition of cats is third time in New York and will focus on East and West Village of the 1980s.

Featuring cats living in bookstores and fish markets, they are loved dearly by New Yorkers. Oil painting, ceramics, sculptures, design and photography, she has earned various shows in these fields. For the cat-designed tea bowls, you can enjoy the taste of Matcha.


ニューヨークの猫たち 写真と陶芸展



本屋の猫、魚屋の猫 ニューヨーカーに愛された猫達。油絵、陶芸、立体、デザイン、写真と数々の分野での賞を受賞した彼女ならではの猫のデザインの抹茶茶碗で抹茶が味わえる。


Artist's Profile

Sawami Aoki  青木沢美

Being a wife and mother, Sawami Aoki started her career as an artist after she moved to New York in 1985. Using technique of pottery from 1994, her works always reflect who she is, and make everyone smile.

Born and raised in Japan.

1977 - 1984   Shukugawagakuin College

 (Commercial Design, Sculptures and Oil Paintings)


2008   Brooklyn Green point Library

 “Green point 100” - Group Exhibition (New York)


2016   Japan Information Center Gallery, Consulate General of Japan in N.Y.

“NEKO TEN - Cat art by five women” - Group Exhibition (New York)


2015   Japan Information Center Gallery, Consulate General of Japan in N.Y.

“Pottery in Life” – Group Exhibition (New York)


2015   Café Lantern

“Cat Photo Exhibition” - Solo Exhibition (Ikeda City, Osaka, Japan)


2014   Globus Washitsu

“Ceramic and Cat Photo Exhibition” - Solo Exhibition (New York)



1977   First prize in Art Contest by Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

1979   First prize in Commercial Design Contest by Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

1982   Third prize in Rose Garden Art Contest by Kobe City (Japan)

1994   Third prize in Art Contest by Ikeda City

1991   Third prize in “Pet Photo Contest”  by Asahi Newspaper

2016   Third prize in “17th Tokyo-New York Ceramic Competition” by Ceramic Artist Friendship Association, Inc

Cat Tea Ceremony on Sunday, Feb, 25th 11am - 12 pm

You will enjoy latest cat-designed ceramics by Sawami Aoki and wagashi, Japanese confectionery, in the tea ceremony.


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