Calligrapher Rihaku's 10th anniversary Exhibition in US  with my feelings of gratitude!
おげんきですか / How are you? by Rihaku

Calligrapher RIHAKU

The 10th Anniversary Solo Exhibition in USA

December 8th – 17th, 2017

Opening Reception on Fri. Dec. 8th, 5 pm - 6:30 pm

at Setsugekka East Village

Please join us to meet the artist!  We look forward to seeing you.

We are pleased to announce that Rihaku Inoue, a calligraphy artist, a consultant of the Japan Calligraphy Museum and a calligraphy professor of the Japan Education Calligraphy Federation, will be displaying her latest calligraphy artworks at the 10th anniversary solo exhibition in USA. She creates a new type of Japanese calligraphy, in which she not only writes with a brush and ink but also incorporates color, such as acrylic paints. She produces her works to present the beauty of “Sho,” instant art, to the world. Japanese calligraphic art is commonly understood to be simply “writing,” but Rihaku believes that this art form is equal or superior to other visual and performing arts. Even if the audience has no knowledge of Japanese characters, she wants this contemporary Japanese calligraphy to stimulate the senses of people across the world, without borders, and reach out to their souls. This is the reason that she attempts to use more three-dimensional, active expressions.

Based in Japan, she is active at numerous solo exhibitions, workshops, and demonstrations domestically and overseas, chiefly in New York.

She has provided calligraphic designs to corporations, including label artwork for Japanese sake manufacturer Hakushika Sake.

She has also designed wall artwork for a New York restaurant, and her wall art at a roadside rest area (Kasaoka Bay Farm) in Okayama Prefecture has been featured on television.   

Artist's Profile

Rihaku Inoue


Japanese Calligrapher    

Born in: Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Education: Konan Women’s University, in Kobe, Japan.

Residence: Nishinomiya, Japan    


Just holding her exhibition and workshop at Setsugekka East Village and will hold a live performance at a gallery in Brooklyn.

June 2017

Held a solo exhibition and a workshop at KOSAKA Sushi Japanese Cuisine in NYC.

Held a live performance on 2m sheet of Japanese washi paper for an opening at Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo in Brooklyn.

March 2017

Held a live performance on a 4.8m sheet of Japanese washi paper at a major social event for “Gastropolis Kobe”, a project newly launched by Kobe City to publicize Kobe’s food culture overseas leading up to 2020. Her design was selected as the logo for this Kobe City project.

July 2016

Held a double solo exhibition at the JICC (Japan Information and Culture Center) Gallery at the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C., and a gallery in Manhattan, NY.

Received high acclaim for her color-incorporating live calligraphy performance.    


Calligraphy Workshop on Saturday, December 16th

You will write your wishes for New Year celebration beautifully with a brush and ink on Tanzaku.


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