Calligraphy Workshop

by Calligrapher RIHAKU

Drawing words on SensuJapanese traditional folding fan, with Calligraphy



Saturday, January 20, 2:30 pm - 4 pm


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at Setsugekka East Village

Please join us to enjoy calligraphy!  We look forward to seeing you.

It is customary for Zen calligraphy to be hung in the alcove during the Japanese tea ceremony. For this special occasion, we welcome calligrapher Rihaku.


Rihaku has chosen “ 一粒万倍 Ichi-Ryuu -Man-Bai, that means 

“A day of multiplied returns."

Rihaku will teach you how the characters are written using a special brush. Then, participants will write the same phrase with brush and ink, and take home their own finished artwork.


Based in both New York and Japan, Rihaku (Rie) Inoue is an esteemed calligraphy artist and also a master who has held numerous solo exhibitions, workshops, lectures and live performances both in Japan and the USA. Especially, she regularly holds her solo exhibitions, workshops and calligraphy performances at Todaiji National Temple Nigatsudo in Nara, Japan.


In addition to running her own organization since 1999, Rihaku is a consultant for the Japan Calligraphy Museum and a calligraphy professor of the Japan Education Calligraphy Federation. She teaches over 300 students of calligraphy, and many of her students have become accomplished calligraphers in their own right.


She has a sponsorship agreement with KOSAKA NY which is a Michelin starred sushi restaurant and holds collaborations with some companies.


Rihaku hopes to do her best in putting her own outstanding talents and distinguished reputation as a leading calligraphy artist in Japan to use in enabling carry out its mission. If the audience has no knowledge of Japanese characters or all the world audiences, she wants this contemporary calligraphy to stimulate the senses of people across the world, without borders, and reach out to their souls.


Rihaku’s Promotional video (YouTube) at Todaiji National Temple Nigatudou





Artist's Profile

Rihaku Inoue


Japanese Calligrapher    

Born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Education: Konan Women’s University, in Kobe, Japan.



Drawing words on Sensu, Japanese traditional folding fan, with Calligraphy

 - 一粒万倍 -

Rihaku will teach you how to write characters using a special brush. Then, you will write words "一粒万倍" with a brush and ink.

Take home your own finished art work.


●Date & Time
   Saturday, January 20, 2:30 pm - 4 pm





●Maximum number of guest

   5 people


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