Sawami Aoki's

Ceramic Exhibition & Workshop

青木沢美 陶芸個展とワークショップ

December 6 - 16, 2019

On View during regular hours

Souheki Mori's

Thick Tea Ceremony

森 宗碧 濃茶茶会

Sunday, December 15, 11 am - 12 pm

Reservation available, please click here

Opening Reception

Friday, December 6, 6 pm - 8 pm

at Setsugekka East Village

We are pleased to announce that Sawami Aoki will be holding ceramic exhibition and workshop at Setsugekka. Sawami has received numerous awards on oil painting, ceramics, sculptures, design and photography in the past.

This exhibit is Sawami's second one after two years at Setsugekka, featuring the tea container, chaire, which is to hold thick tea used at Japanese tea ceremony. She made Shifuku, a silk pouch with drawstring for holding a tea container as well. She chose silk cloth by untying men's tie, such as Brooks Brothers tie made in New York. What a wonderful sense she has! She also exhibit tea bowls, dishes, cat shaped flower vases, and so on.


On the weekend, Sawami hold Kobukusa, Japanese tea ceremony silk cloth, workshop and Souheki Mori will be holding thick tea ceremony, assisted by Junya Mori, in conjunction with Sawami's exhibition. Please kindly note that the seats for the workshop and tea ceremony are limited, so please register early. Thank you.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and sharing Sawami's beautiful artworks with you.









Artist's Profile

Sawami Aoki  青木沢美

Being a wife and mother, Sawami Aoki started her career as an artist after she moved to New York in 1985. Using technique of pottery from 1994, her works always reflect who she is, and make everyone smile.

Born and raised in Japan.

1977 - 1984   Shukugawagakuin College

 (Commercial Design, Sculptures and Oil Paintings)


2008   Brooklyn Green point Library

 “Green point 100” - Group Exhibition (New York)

2016   Japan Information Center Gallery, Consulate General of Japan in N.Y.

“NEKO TEN - Cat art by five women” - Group Exhibition (New York)

2015   Japan Information Center Gallery, Consulate General of Japan in N.Y.

“Pottery in Life” – Group Exhibition (New York)

2015   Café Lantern

“Cat Photo Exhibition” - Solo Exhibition (Ikeda City, Osaka, Japan)

2014   Globus Washitsu

“Ceramic and Cat Photo Exhibition” - Solo Exhibition (New York)

2018   Setsugekka

“Cats in the 80"s of NY" Photography and Ceramic Exhibition” - Solo Exhibition (New York)

2018   Gallery Saika

“Cat Exhibition” - Group Exhibition (Ibaraki, Japan)

2018   Gallery Ryo

“Cat Exhibition” - Group Exhibition (Osaka, Japan)



1977   First prize in Art Contest by Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

1979   First prize in Commercial Design Contest by Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

1982   Third prize in Rose Garden Art Contest by Kobe City (Japan)

1994   Third prize in Art Contest by Ikeda City

1991   Third prize in “Pet Photo Contest”  by Asahi Newspaper

2016   Third prize in “17th Tokyo-New York Ceramic Competition” by Ceramic Artist Friendship Association, Inc

Souheki Mori  森 宗碧

Souheki Mori was born and raised in Japan. She has studied the Japanese tea ceremony for over twenty years under the Japan Association of the Tea Ceremony and received a certification as Japanese Tea Ceremony Master in 2003. Mori holds the title of Jufuku- an. In 2011, she has established Tea-Whisk in New York City to introduce the beauty of the Japanese Tea Ceremony with Junya Mori. In 2012, she became a Contemporary Chanoyu Award Winner as a distinguished tea master. Mori has hosted and conducted the Japanese Tea Ceremony in numerous places, such as American Museum of Natural History, Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall for Japan Week 2012 and 2015, and Japan Society. She has given a lecture on the Japanese Tea Ceremony at New York University, Queens College, and Birch Wathen Lenox school and many others around Tri State. She has also joined the tea ceremony internationally, including World Tea Gathering in Mexico, 2013 and Iceland in 2014, and the London Tea Club in U.K.


In April, 2017, Mori opened a matcha tea house named Setsugekka in East Village.Setsugekka offers not only just a cup of matcha beverage but also a meditative moment for busy mind which only a tea master who has over 20 years training can offer. Mori’s grounded, calm presence is almost a balm to visitors who enter a beautiful space.


Mori values her relationships with talented artists, collaborated with them, and held tea events and exhibits blending their creative worlds with her own unique approach to the tea ceremony. She believes that within the tea ceremony is a force invisible and precious, and that one can achieve spiritual growth through practicing tea.


Kobukusa, Silk Cloth, Workshop by Sawami Aoki


Sun. December 8, 10 am - 12 pm

Admission: $75 per person

*This is an e-ticket. Thank you! Sold Out!


Sawami will teach you how to make Kobukusa, Japanese tea ceremony silk cloth, using antique Japanese silk. You can make Dashi-fukusa at Omotesenke school if you want. Kobukusa will be also used for a decorative cloth for your favorite ring, watch and so on. She will teach you both in English and Japanese.







Tea Ceremony

Thick Tea Ceremony by Souheki Mori


Sun. December 15, 11 am - 12 pm

Admission: $50 per person

*This is an e-ticket. Thank you! Sold Out!


Souheki Mori, a Japanese tea ceremony master, will conduct an authentic Japanese tea ceremony, assisted by Junya Mori. You will enjoy latest ceramics by Sawami Aoki during the tea ceremony. Special sweets will be served.

To make a reservation for the tea ceremony, please click here!