Yuzen-washi artwork by Kyoko Ohnishi
Yuzen-washi artwork by Kyoko Ohnishi


Hand-Crafted Kimono Art Workshop

by Kyoko Ohnishi

 Sunday, July 15th 2018, 11 am - 12 pm

at Setsugekka East Village

Please join us to enjoy making artwork!  We look forward to seeing you.

We are pleased to announce that we will hold “Three-dimensional hand crafted kimono art” workshop by Kyoko Ohnishi.


Kyoko is specialized in Kabuki dance and kimono for more than thirty years in New York.


In this workshop, you will make a figure made of Yuzen-washi paper, which is originated in the Edo era as a hand-painted kimono pattern. Kyoko was fascinated by the grace and elegance of the Yuzen-washi paper, and designs 3D figures based on the Kabuki dance movements. She held an exhibition entitled “Kimono Art Exhibition - The Kabuki Theatre” in 2013 in Manhattan and displayed and sold her artworks at the exclusive retail stores.


For this special occasion, Kyoko will show you movements of the traditional Japanese dance on tatami mats, and you will make a figure inspired by Kabuki dance-darama. On a paper frame, Kyoko wrote Kanji characters in brush calligraphy integral to designs. The artwork can be framed for wall-hanging, table-display, or as a gift card. You can take home the own finished artwork.


At the end of workshop, you will enjoy matcha and dry sweets prepared by Souheki Mori.


Artist's Profile

Kyoko Ohnishi

大西 鏡子

Kyoko Ohnishi is teaching Japanese language and Japanese traditional culture at Rutgers University, and directing Kabuki dance lecture and performance every semester. She has been invited by other universities, such as NYU, CUNY, and etc., to give lectures and performances for educational and cultural purposes.

大西鏡子 友禅和紙きものアートワークショップ












Yuzen-Washi Paper Art Workshop on Sunday, July 15,  11 am to 12 pm


Kyoko will show you movements of the traditional Japanese dance on tatami mats, and you will make a figure inspired by Kabuki dance-darama. Pre-cut materials will be provided. Take home the own finished art work.


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*Matcha and dry sweets by Souheki Mori included


$45 per person

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Thank you so much for joining!

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